Emergency Plumber Mount Morgan- 24/7

Greg Jones emergency plumber has services Mount Morgan residents and businesses 24/7 for over 38 years.

Mount Morgan- the details

MOUNT MORGAN is one of a handful of genuinely fascinating mining towns -a remarkably well preserved historic town full of remarkable timber buildings. The unique combination of huge timber pubs; remnants of mining equipment in the median strips; elegant buildings slowly fading as their relevance and use stretch further into the past; and images of a time when the town was genuinely rich and prosperous; all combine to make it a town held in aspic. Businesses and residents have frequently required emergency plumbing support.


Blocked Drains & Toilets

Blocked drainage pipes and poor drainage is a common issue in many homes and offices.

Hot water systems

We install all brands of Hot Water Units and can provide a no obligation free quote before we start.

Leaking taps & toilets

Don’t put off fixing a leaking or dripping tap or toilet as even a slow leak can waste litres of water every day costing you hundreds of dollars on your next water bill.

Plumber in blue shirt fixing leaking kitchen tap
Plumber using tools to  fix bathroom taps

Burst pipes

If your drains are continually blocking or you find that your drains are draining slowly we recommend a drain camera inspection.

Leaking hot water units

Leaking roofs and gutters

Key Benefits

Greg is a professional plumber and has experience in difficult jobs

Most plumbing problems are simple, but some can be complex or difficult to diagnose. Greg will diagnose issues, offer solutions to solve them, then repair your plumbing quickly and neatly.

Greg’s Professional plumbers can give you expert advice

Greg will look at the entire plumbing system as a whole. Blocked drains for example may be caused by sagging pipes or old pipes. Greg Jones Plumbing can fix the immediate problems and offer you expert

Greg’s plumbing team can fix many problems in one visit

When it comes to home improvement, most property owners tackle one thing at a time and often on different days due to time constraints. Typically, hiring Greg’s Plumbing Service allows your plumbing to be repaired in one visit, on one day. Instead of taking up your weekend and evening time working on your plumbing, you can spend time doing what is important to you. Hiring professionals also protects your home in the long run by keeping the plumbing in good condition.

Avoid buying or renting tools and equipment

One of the hidden costs of do-it-yourself plumbing is the money invested in specialty tools. You can spend quite a bit of money buying the right tools to do the job. You could also damage the plumbing even more by using the wrong tools. A skilled plumber is equipped with all the required tools and can do the job quickly, without causing more damage in the process.

Greg will give you a guarantee on his work

When you tackle a plumbing problem yourself, there is no guarantee behind that work. If the problem occurs again, you have to do the same work again and may even need to buy new supplies to do it. Greg’s professional plumbers servicing Rockhampton, Gracemere, Yeppoon, Emu Park and Mount Morgan offer 24 hours emergency plumbing and guarantee the work he does.


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